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Special Note

Note: Larry and our elders only have access to overall financial reports – which do not include any donor names or identifiable information.
Our pastors and elders do not see or know what any individual gives as a tithe or offering.


We’ll never be able to express our gratitude or even truly know (on this side of eternity) the impact that your support has made in and through our church.
What we can do – is show you some of the things that were possible because of you!

The Church's Spending:

Here’s a look at the breakdown of how your donations were used.
In 2023, nearly $330,000 went towards our Outreach Ministry!

What is the difference between Outreach and Outreach Partners?

Outreach is everything WE DO at our church and in our community. Our “Shared Blessings” grocery distribution is a great example! Every week we have several volunteers at the church preparing bags of groceries for local families in need. Volunteers pray with families and fill the trunk of their cars with food!

Outreach Partners are other ministries that we support financially. Mission India is a great example of one of our Outreach Partners.

Click here to view the church’s financial history.

Looking Ahead

As our church and community continue to grow, we recognize that there are improvements that can be made and these solutions would allow us to be more effective in our mission. We have detailed several of these steps below.

Current Building

Phase 1

We plan to bring the portables closer to the main building and pave a parking lot around the perimeter of our property. This will add about 80 parking spaces compared to the existing parking lot.

Groups in portables and kids in the clubhouse will no longer have to cross the street to come inside – so it’s safer for them while also reducing the congestion of cars waiting for people to cross.

This also gives us a bigger park area next to the church. This will be great for church picnics and other church events.

Phase 2

We plan to build a new two-story kids building. This will include expanding our lobby, adding more restrooms and a new, bigger kitchen.

This expansion will allow for bigger, more flexible room configurations and a bigger place for families to gather as they are checking in kids. The current kitchen size is an issue for some of our current ministries, especially our weekly food distribution. There’s just not enough space to pack groceries for the 80-100 local families that we help each week. This bigger kitchen will alleviate that issue.

Phase 3

We will replace the portables with a two-story building.

Groups are a very important part of what we do at our church, and right now we really don’t have the space to add any more groups. This expansion will take us from 4 rooms and 5,000 sqft of meeting space to about 10,000 sqft for 7 rooms that can be divided and configured in different ways.

Our student ministry building is currently 1,400 sqft – the new space will be about 1,700 sqft. Right next to that room will be an indoor sports court. The walls between the two will be able to open up so they can utilize the entire space when needed.

We will also have bathrooms in this building so people won’t have to walk to the main building!

The transition as this building is being constructed:
Since our kids ministry would be in their new building – our groups will meet in the recently vacated rooms as our student ministry meets in the clubhouse.

Phase 4

We will expand the sanctuary. Removing the current kitchen and expanding the East side of the sanctuary.

Christmas Eve 2023, we packed almost 500 chairs into a crowded sanctuary. This expansion would allow for about 600 chairs, comfortably.

We will also reconfigure the old kids’ rooms. This area will have offices, meeting spaces, storage, etc.


Our existing property is about 16,000 sqft and once we’ve completed the final part we’ll be closer to 27,000 sqft. We’ll add 70% more parking, double our group’s space, and triple our restroom “seating capacity”.

We’re hoping this will allow us to comfortably serve between 1,000-1,200 people.