Find Your People!

We were created to live in community with one another! Don't do life alone, find a group today!


We're meant to do life together! Did you know that you were created with a need for community? It’s easier to go through life when you’re surrounded by people giving their love and support. Our Groups meet regularly for Bible study, encouragement, prayer, ministry, hobbies, or just having fun. Groups are typically semester based. At Home Church, we encourage everyone to be part of at least one Group.

Group Types

Bible Study Groups

Let’s grow together.

Social Groups

Let’s have fun together!

Support Groups

Let’s heal together.

Serving Groups

Let’s serve together.

Need Help?

If you're having trouble finding a group that meets your needs - we'd love to help! We can assist with getting you connected or talk about the possibility of starting a new group!

Lauren Kelly

Groups Director

RightNow Media

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